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Productivity isn't one-size-fits-all, especially for Multi-passionates!

Traditional productivity approaches aren’t made with multi-passionates in mind. Your path to productivity requires productivity tools to match you, your personality, and your passions.

I’m Lisa, founder of Positively Productive Systems and host of the Positively Living Podcast™. As a Productivity Strategist + Accountability Coach certified in positive psychology and stress management, I help multi-passionate creatives reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout, and boost productivity through whole-life decluttering and customized productivity approaches. 

Scroll down for coaching options (it all starts with strategy) as well as free resources. I welcome you to message me to let me know what's challenging you and book a discovery call if you have questions.

Available Products

Signature Coaching

[Strategy + Accountability] Signature Coaching (the most popular client choice) include a comprehensive combination of strategy and accountability. You're getting everything from the Strategy Session plus Accountability Sessions together, plus ongoing access to your coach via email and chat.  Convenient monthly subscription format with month-to-month contract.

Strategy Sessions

[Assessment + Action Plan] The Strategy Session is right for the DIYer looking for expertise and guidance and is included as part of Signature Coaching (followed by additional accountability). You can book a strategy session to try coaching, as an add-on between accountability sessions (deep work), and to boost the effectiveness of other coaching programs (e.g., business, career).

Accountability Sessions

[Accountability] Accountability Sessions are your key to your progress. Regular check-ins help you stay on track and course correct as needed. Convenient monthly subscription format with month-to-month contract. Start when you're ready and end when you are ready. (One month's notice is the only requirement to pause or cancel.)

Productivity Boost

[Quick Assessment + Action] This fast and effective session will give you the boost you need in just 30 minutes. You'll see what coaching is like, learn next best steps, and get a boost of productivity to encourage and inspire!

PPS Resources Vault [Upgraded Resources]

[Worksheets, Workbooks, and Training] This vault includes all the worksheets I use with my clients like the Joy List, Focus File, Core Values, Tackle Your To-do List, etc. plus bonus workbooks, recordings, and mini-trainings.  This one-stop-shop collection is a bundle you won't find anywhere else and once you've purchased it, you'll have access to updates and additions for the lifetime of the vault!

Training: Vision Boards

[Recorded Training] When you think of vision boards, do you think of big poster boards and yacht photos? This is not that. This is a new way of leveraging the power that Olympic athletes swear by and combining that with goal setting to a create simple, effective tool to achieve success.

This training includes a pre-recorded video, handout, and vision board examples.

Multi-passionate Toolkit

[Free Resources] This is the place for all the worksheets I use with my clients (Joy List, Focus File, Core Values) and links to start your self-assessment. [If you are looking for gratitude resources, click here: Positively Grateful Series].

Positively Grateful Series

[Free Gratitude Resources] Gratitude is one of the healthiest habits we can embrace, yet it's often misunderstood. If you are looking to learn how it connects to life--especially when things are hardest--and how to invite it into yours, this series is for you. You'll find a guide, a webinar, an invitation to a community, and dozens of personal video stories about gratitude's transformative powers.

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