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Are you an overwhelmed multi-passionate creative trying to juggle #allthethings like business + family plus all your ideas + dreams? Then you're in the right place!

I’m Lisa, founder of Positively Productive Systems, host of the Positively Living Podcast, and a Productivity + Accountability Coach for multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs who are balancing business and family. I help you bypass burnout, boost productivity in sustainable ways, and simplify without sacrificing what you love.

Scroll down for coaching options, training, and free resources and groups. (You can sort by category and search by keyword too.) If you have questions, feel free to message me or book a connection call. If you're ready do less, live more, and breathe easier, choose the Positively Productive Coaching Package and we’ll get started!

Available Products

Positively Productive Coaching

[Strategy + Accountability] This weekly package offers ongoing support in a monthly subscription format. Connect, update, strategize, and take action! Accountability Sessions are key to your progress whether you need small strategy steps as you go or you have a plan and need to stay on track.  Start with strategy and keep it going with once-a-week or twice-monthly check-ins.  (45-minute sessions)

Weekly Accountability Calls

[Accountability] Did you know that even booking this appointment will make you more productive? Accountability and access to your coach are key to ensuring you don't get stuck. But sometimes scheduling can be a challenge!  This check-in solves it all. No need to be video ready and our conversation will be quick. This helps you stay on track and get things done. You can choose between a weekly scheduled phone call OR Voxer chatting during specific office hours.

PPS Resources Vault [Worksheets, Workbooks, and Training]

[Worksheets, Workbooks, and Training] This vault includes all the resources included in the Free Resources Library (which includes all the worksheets I use with my clients like the Joy List, Focus File, Core Values, Tackle Your To-do List, etc.) plus bonus workbooks, recordings, and mini-trainings. You'll find support for self-awareness, simplicity, systems with short trainings (and recordings like quick meditations) to help you move forward fast. Many of the resources have corresponding podcast episodes and those links are provided to make it easy as possible for you to learn what you need. This one-stop-shop collection is a bundle you won't find anywhere else and once you've purchased it, you'll have access to updates and additions for the lifetime of the vault!

Training: Vision Boards

[Recorded Training] When you think of vision boards, do you think of big poster boards and yacht photos? This is not that. This is a new way of leveraging the power that Olympic athletes swear by and combining that with goal setting to a create simple, effective tool to achieve success.

This training includes a pre-recorded video, handout, and vision board examples.

PPS Free Resources Library

[Free Resources and Groups] This is the place for all the worksheets I use with my clients (Joy List, Focus File, Core Values, Tackle Your To-do List, etc.). This is also where you’ll get access to the Positively Living Community (a Facebook community for multi-passionate creatives and where we practice gratitude together through the Positively Grateful Series). There are also some bonuses, like personality quiz lists.

Positively Grateful Series

[Free Gratitude Resources] Gratitude is one of the healthiest habits we can embrace, yet it's often misunderstood. If you are looking to learn how it connects to life--especially when things are hardest--and how to invite it into yours, this series is for you. You'll find a guide, a webinar, an invitation to a community, and dozens of personal video stories about gratitude's transformative powers.

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