Join the Positively Living Community a support & accountability group for women, and receive access to the entire PPS Resources Library!

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I’m Lisa, founder of Positively Productive Systems, host of the Positively Living Podcast, and a Productivity Coach for multi-passionate creatives and coaches who struggle to balance business and family. I’m here to help you boost productivity and avoid burnout while making it feel simple and sustainable.

This hub includes links to coaching packages, workshops, and free resources like the Podcast and the PPS Library (worksheets and checklists to help you with decluttering, habits, and values). Please look around and book a Connection Call if you have questions.  If you are ready to get you unstuck and get a quick win, start with the Productivity Boost Session. 30 minutes, one topic, and go!

Available Products

Positively Living Community

[Free Co-working and Coaching Community for Women] Now more than ever community is a critical part of our wellbeing and success. The Positively Living Community is all about accountability and support. In addition to the community, you'll receive guidance from a certified coach, updates on the Positively Living Podcast, exclusive access to the full Positively Productive Free Resources Library, and facilitated virtual co-working sessions (strategy sessions and sprints) to help you tackle your to-dos. This group also includes quarterly gratitude prompts and coaching.

Productivity Boost Session

[Single Topic Session] The Productivity Boost Session is a great place to start when you need to get unstuck and get moving. Procrastinating? Unsure what to prioritize? Want to start a habit? Figure out *where* to start? It's the key to regaining movement and gaining momentum. 30 minutes, one topic...and go! 

Strategy Session

[Full Scope Strategy Coaching for DIY]  Take inventory of all your to-dos (and want to-dos), identify best productivity practices, and create a plan with purpose that you can run with on your own if you want to DIY. You have the option to move to accountability coaching for ongoing support or VIP coaching for a makeover to supplement the strategy work. 

Accountability Package (Quarterly/Monthly)

[Ongoing Support & Strategy] Connect, update, strategize, and take action! Accountability Sessions are key to your progress whether you need small strategy steps as you go or your have a plan and need to stay on track. Quarterly strategy sessions help you set goals and strategize tactics. Twice-a-month check-ins provide accountability and help you stay on track while giving you sufficient time to get things done.

VIP Productivity Package

[Half-day Coaching Intensive] We’ll sort through your to-dos and come out with more than just a plan, you'll have a personalized productivity process using the SELECT (tm) Productivity framework. This package includes planning, accountability, and co-creation for ultimate productivity. We'll optimize your calendar, process your to-dos, and create a weekly task template and master task list so you can start fresh. The best part is this process isn't technology-specific, so it can be applied to any platform, giving you flexibility to grow and change.

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