Join the Positively Living Community a support & accountability group for women, and receive access to the entire PPS Resources Library!

Positively Productive Free Resources

Positively Productive Free Resources

[Free Resources and Groups] This is the place for all the worksheets I use with my clients (Joy List, Focus File, Core Values, Tackle Your To-do List, etc.). This is also where you’ll get access to the Positively Grateful Series lives and the Positively Living Community (a Facebook community for women). There are also some bonuses, like video training and meditation and more added all the time!


Joy List

Core Values

Focus File

Tackle Your To-Do List

Stress Less Checklist

Stop Saying Should

Recommendations List

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Welcome to the Positively Productive Free Resources Library, with access to worksheets and groups.

About Lisa

Hi! Welcome to the Positively Productive Free Resources Hub. I’m Lisa, your community guide and coach, owner of Positively Productive Systems, and host of the Positively Living Podcast.

As a Productivity Coach certified in time & stress management, I use simplicity, self awareness, and systems to help multi-passionate creatives boost productivity, balance business and family, and do it all simply and sustainably so they can avoid burnout.

When I'm not sharing about the wonders of decluttering, gratitude, habits, and stress management, I'm playing music and watching movies with my husband and kiddos, or possibly reading while drinking iced coffee and trapped under a cat.

Positively Living Community

Now more than ever community is a critical part of our wellbeing and success. The Positively Living Community is all about accountability and support. In addition to the community, you'll receive guidance from a certified coach, updates on the Positively Living Podcast, exclusive access to the full Positively Productive Free Resources Library, and facilitated virtual co-working sessions (strategy sessions and sprints) to help you tackle your to-dos. This group also includes quarterly gratitude prompts and coaching.

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