Positively Living Membership Community [Founding Member]

Positively Living Membership Community [Founding Member]

If all the things you have tried leave you feeling behind before you start, then it’s time for something different.

The key is to find the right way...for you.

It’s time to work with me in a way that allows you to:

  • show up when you can,
  • do what you are able,
  • and learn how to simplify your life on your terms.

You are not behind.

You are right where you are meant to be and with the right action, you will get where you want to go.

Imagine... a group of supportive, like-minded people all working toward clearing a path to a calmer, more inspired life.

Imagine... having daily access to the leadership and support of a combination professional organizer, life coach, and time & stress management coach. So each time you feel you are getting stuck, we’ll work together to get through it.

Imagine... what you could you do if you had the guidance to identify what you needed to do next and do it while still living your life?

What could you accomplish if you knew what to keep working on, how to pick up and leave off, when to shift your tactics, and what makes sense for you, all while keeping up with life as you already know it?

If you are ready to stop forcing the process and start finessing the results, then it's time to join the Positively Living Membership Community.

As a MONTHLY FOUNDING MEMBER, you will receive special perks and bonuses such as...

  • Introductory price lock (lifetime of your membership)
  • First dibs on guests and topics
  • Free Entrance into first Specialty Track (2021 Upgrade)

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